Heather Shinogle, B.A.

Primary office:

To determine the distance between connexin containing gap junctions using a combination of acceptor photo-bleaching FRET and electron microscopy in a new technique we refer to as correlative FRET (cFRET).


Joined Neuroscience Program in 2016

Mentor: Eduardo Rosa-Molinar, Ph.D.

Mentor’s Academic Department: Pharmacology and Toxicology, KU-L


Selected Publications

S Ghosh, HE Shinogle, NA Galeva, RT Dobrowsky, BS Blagg. (2016) Endoplasmic Reticulum-resident Heat Shock Protein 90 (HSP90) Isoform Glucose-regulated Protein 94 (GRP94) Regulates Cell Polarity and Cancer Cell Migration by Affecting Intracellular Transport.  J Biol Chem; 291, 8309-8323

BL Hartwell, FJ Martinez-Becerra, J Chen, H Shinogle, M Sarnowski, DS Moore, C Berkland. (2016) Antigen-Specific Binding of Multivalent Soluble Antigen Arrays Induces Receptor Clustering and Impedes B Cell Receptor Mediated Signaling. Biomacromolecules; 17, 710-22

AJ Mellott, K Devarajan, HE Shinogle, DS Moore, Z Talata, JS Laurence, ML Forrest, S Noji, E Tanaka, H Staecker, MS Detamore. (2015) Nonviral reprogramming of human Wharton’s jelly cells reveals differences between ATOH1 homologues. Tissue Engineering Part; 21, 1795-809

AM Fowler HE Shinogle, DJ Davido (2015) Development of a novel cell-­‐based assay to monitor the transactivation activity of the HSV-1 protein ICP0.  Antiviral Res; 120, 1-6

S Telikepalli, HE Shinogle, PS Thapa, JH Kim, M Deshpande, V Jawa, CR Middaugh, LO Narhi, MK Joubert, DB Volkin (2015) Physical characterization and in vitro biological impact of highly aggregated antibodies separated intosize enriched populations by FACS. J Pharma Sci; 104, 1575-91

AJ Mellot, HE Shinogle, DS Moore, MS Detamore. (2015) Fluorescent Photo-conversion: A Second Chance to Label Unique Cells. Cellular Molecular Bioengineering; 8, 187-196

S Ghosh, HE Shinogle, G Garg, GA Vielhauer, JM Holzbeierlein, RT Dobrowsky, BS Blagg (2015) Hsp90 C-Terminal Inhibitors Exhibit Antimigratory Activity by Disrupting the Hsp90α/Aha1 Complex in PC3-­‐MM2 Cells. ACS Chemical Biology; 10, 577-90

AJ Mellott, ME Godsey, HE Shinogle, DS Moore, ML Forrest, MS Detamore (2014) Improving Viability and Transfection Efficiency with Human Umbilical Cord Wharton’s Jelly Cells Through Use of ROCK Inhibitor. Cell Reprogramming; 16, 91-7

CM Phillips‐Lander, DA Fowle, A Tauton, W Hernandez, M Mora, D Moore, H Shinogle, JA Roberts. (2013) Silicate Dissolution in Las Pailas Thermal Field: Implications for microbial weathering in acidic volcanic hydrothermal spring systems. Geomicrobiology Journal; 31, 23-41

MD Zbinden, BS Sturm, RD Nord, WJ Carey, D Moore, H Shinogle, SM Stagg-Williams (2013) Pulsed electric field (PEF) as an intensification pretreatment for greener solvent lipid extraction from microalge. Biotechnology and Bioengineering; 110, 1605-15

AS Duerfeldt, LB Peterson, JC Maynard, CL Ng, D Eletto, O Ostrovsky, HE Shinogle, DS Moore, Y Argon, CV Nicchitta, BS Blagg (2012) Development of a Grp94 Inhibitor.  J Am Chem Soc; 134, 9796-804

I Osaka, JM Hills, SL Kieweg, HE Shinogle, DS Moore, PS Hefty (2012) Automated Image‐Based Method for Rapid Analysis of Chlamydia Infection as a Tool for Screening Antichalmydial Agents. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy; 56, 4184-8

TB Shrestha, GM Seo, MT Basel, M Kalit, H Wang, D Villanueva, M Pyle, S Balivada, RS Rachakatla, H Shinogle, PS Thapa, D Moore, DL Troyer, SH Bossmann (2012) Stem cell‐based photodynamic therapy. Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences; 11, 1251-8

P Manikwar, BA Tejo, H Shinogle, DS Moore, T Zimmerman, F Blanco, and TJ Siahann (2011) Utilization of I‐domain of LFA‐1 to Target Drug and Marker Molecules to Leukocytes. Theranostics; 1, 277-289

F He, SB Joshi, DS Moore, HE Shinogle, S Ohtake, D Lechuga-Ballesteros, RA Martin, VL Truon‐Le, and CR Middaugh. (2010) Using spectroscopic and microscopic methods to probe the structural stability of human adenovirus type 4. Human Vaccine; 6, 202-11

DB Oien, HE Shinogle, DS Moore, and J Moskovitv. (2009) Clearance and phosphorylation of alpha- synuclein are inhibited in methionine sulfoxide reductase a null yeast cells.  J Mol Neurosci; 39, 323-32


Contact Information

The University of Kansas
Neuroscience Graduate Program
c/o Dr. Rick Dobrowsky
School of Pharmacy, Ste 2001-D
2010 Becker Drive
Lawrence, KS 66047
Telephone: (785) 864-3531 or (785) 864-3893
E-mail: dobrowsky@ku.edu or psteffan@ku.edu

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